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Friday, July 3, 2009


If you find yourself in Manchester you are probably there for some other reason and not for a relaxing beautiful holiday. You might be there to play some gigs with your band or to catch a football game from either one of the huge clubs that reside there, but not just for a vacation - trust me.

Now having said that, I met and married a boy I met in Manchester when I travelled up there to tour the grounds of Manchester United. So if you're looking to meet a super hot, accented boy who loves music and American girls then this is the place to be.

1. Local pub to drink at
The Circus Tavern...It is probably the smallest pub you will ever go into in your life, but one of the best. The owner shuts the front door once it gets a little packed, but if you knock he will open and usually let you in. Every single time we have been in there we end up meeting some of the nicest people in Manchester. Oh and by the way, you will probably be the only tourist in the joint, but don't worry, they won't bite.

2. Good breakfast spot
Koffee Pot....Time was, the Koffee Pot was a scary place to be in. A haunt for the local construction population, you'd need to be attired in a luminous jacket and a hardhat to get through the door. Now Northern Quartered-up, it's just a really good, English breakfast spot that is cheap and fulfilling. Great cup of tea.

3. Local dinner recommendation
Market Restaurant....Wowwa weeewo -- this place is good. This "quirky" little corner spot has been in the Northern quarter for years and years. Recently this area has become quite trendy so it doesn't have all the old charm it used to, but it's still good for a nice meal and some good wine.

4. Spend the afternoon
Piccadilly gardens...Just spend the afternoon walking through the city. There are a lot of great old pubs, the Manchester library which is just beautiful, Town Hall which is pretty cool, The Lowry museum...a lot to spread the time.

5. Hangover cure
Cafe 3....This is on the 3rd floor of Affleks palace and you can go and get the yummiest baked potato with melted shredded cheese and sour cream. Ugh, it's so good and so bad for you all at the same time.

6. Tourist must do
Fifth Ave and The Fab Cafe...These are both night spots that are a great time out. Fifth Ave has a night where drinks are only 1 pound and they only play Stone Roses, The Smiths, and all the old English bands from the north. The other is Fab Cafe. This is a weird place, but it's actually where I met my husband. It's completely deccorated in Star Wars and space memorabilia. There's black lights everywhere and Dr. Who's teleport booth in the corner. They have Smiths nights, but mostely it's just fun 80s and 90s music. Be ready to get sweaty and dance at both spots, but you will have one of the best times doing it.

7. Must shop
At Affleks Palace....Now my husband and I might disagree with this one, but I love this place. It's a 3 story warehouse building full of some of the most hilarious and fun little stores. Slash that, more like like cubbies that you can rent and sell whatever you want there. Lots and lots of vintage. The area around Affleks is worth a walk-about as well and don't forget to pop into a few pubs for a pint.

8. Cheap sleeps
Our mum and dads....jk. Not really ever rented a hotel in Manchester before, but can give you couple that looked good. The Old Nags Head is pretty cheap. A little B&B above a pub in the center of town and it's cheap and a great location.

9. Splurge sleeps
Velvet...a cool little place of luxury. All the 19 rooms are individually decorated and you can see a couple on their website, but it's a nice little suprise on Canal street. Might just have to get a room one night on our next trip home.

10. Favorite things
GO TO A SOCCER MATCH!!! It doesn't matter if it's for Manchester United or Manchester City, but go and see a football (soccer) game. It is honestly one of the funnest things I've ever done in my entire life. You are surrounded by the loudest and most passionate crowd of people. Not to mention it's the reason my husband and I met. DO IT, even if you don't like sports.

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