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Tuesday, October 6, 2009



I think this is one of the most overlooked holiday spots we've been to yet. I guess it's because it's kinda out of the way and seems quiet? Not sunny? I'm not really sure, but for whatever reason my husband and I finally decided to take a trip up there and see what they had to offer. It was totally worth it. So pretty and so many unexpected surprises.

What we decided to do was a combo trip to Seattle and Portland. We would fly to Seattle, stay there for a couple nights, rent a car and drive down to Portland, stay there for a few nights and then drive back home, have lunch and fly back home.

So here's our guide to the Seattle portion of our holiday:

1. Local pub to drink at
The pubs to drink at (whether they're local or not - get there) are in Ballard. Ballard is about 20 minutes outside of downtown Seattle and it's awesome. Ballard Ave is the place to go. We just took a taxi and had him drop us off at one end we just bar hopped down the row. There are so many different bars there and some of the friendliest bartenders I've ever met. By the end of the night we were pretty hammered and one of the sweetest old ladies (bartending at a pub where the average age was maybe 60) went into the back and brought out a bowl of chicken soup for my hubby to drink. It was perfect.

2. Local dinner recommendation
Black Bottle, Black Bottle, Black Bottle.....Eat here every night you are in Seattle. Dinner and Lunch this place is soooooo good. We were staying in a hotel that was about 2 walking blocks away and accidentally found it. The meals are $8 a piece and the best thing to do is just order something different every time. Everything was delicious. We would order like 3 things each time and a bottle of wine and it was perfect.

3. Spend the afternoon
In Ballard.  It's where all the "Deadliest Catch" guys dock their ships and go for beers.  It's a super cute street filled with great restaurants and bars.  Just go shop, eat and drink. 

5. Hangover cure

Bowl of soup from the salty diva at Hatties Hat in Ballard.  No, they seriously make some of the best soup we've ever tasted.  Clam chowder, fresh fish....oh man.  

6. Tourist must do
Walking around the Pike Place Market.  It's kinda touristy, but it's pretty fun.  There's the guys throwing the fish, fresh fruit to buy, knick knacks and flowers ...lots of flowers.  

7. Cheap sleeps
Ace Hotel is the place.  It's not ritzy or glamourous...a bit grimey and loud, but at $75 a night and located in the perfect location you can't really go wrong. 

8. Favorite things
Ace Hotel, Belltown
Black Bottle - Sicilian eggplant mozzarella flatbread


  1. Awesome advice! I can tell that the two of you know how to enjoy yourselves!
    Are you going to post your recommendations for LA? Living there gives you a special "know" about where to go and what to do.
    Sure would love to see that.