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Thursday, June 11, 2009


First thing's first....learn how to pronounce the name correctly. It's so embarrassing when one your American buddies says "I'm going to visit Edinburg" with a hard 'g' as in "Pittsburgh". The locals pronounce it "Edinburrah" and all the other "burghs" (Fraserburgh, Musselburgh etc) have the same ending. The only time you might hear a hard 'g' is when a Glaswegian calls someone from the capital an "Edinburger"...

Now that we have that out of the way, Edinburgh is truly the most beautiful city in the world. (At least the parts I've seen so far.) I mean it's sick!! There is a castle built at the tip of a rock peninsula that jets out into the middle of the city surrounded by the biggest garden ever! I mean it's the crap fairy tales are made from it's really that beautiful. And to top it all off, it homes some of the nicest people you'll ever come across. I just wanted to hug everyone when I was there. So amazing.

1. Local pub to drink at
I have to say there isn't one that we loved more than the others. Our favorite thing to do was to just pop into which ever one was closest to us, try a few beers and then move on. We didn't get around to doing the pub crawl we love, but a few drinks at different pubs throughout the trip seemed to satisfy our lips.

2. Good breakfast spot
Gennaro Ristorante....Okay it might not be for breakfast, but this is my lunch pick. This is a little Italian restaurant that has some of the best pizza. It has great lunch prices and isn't too heavy for a middle of the day meal. They also make some of the best salads.

3. Local dinner recommendation
Petit Paris....Sooooo cute this little spot. All the places I love ended up being on Grassmarket Street, but it's fitting as it's the cutest street in Edinburgh. You can go here for a cute lunch on the street but their dinner is so sweet and romantic that it's my pick for

4. Spend the afternoon
Walking around the whole city. Seriously, just walk. Walk through the gardens, walk up to the castle (you can take a tour or it as well), walk through Princes street...just walk.

5. Hangover cure
The local sandwich shop....On just about every corner there is a sandwich shop that serves some kind of sausage (or egg for you veggies) sandwich's that are just yum yum yummy. The best thing is to look for construction workers and you know you've found a good spot.

6. Tourist must do
Two things pop to mind with this one. One, get on a big red double decker and fly around the city. It will take you to places you probably wouldn't find the time to go to and see things that you wouldn't normally see. And the other is go on a haunted tour. If you go to the main Market Street there are about 10 different ones to choose from. Some go underground (which is sick) and some go through graveyards. Either way they're pretty scary and dfinitely different.

8. Only one place to sleep
We rented an apartment (which can sometimes go so wrong) and this one was perfect.  The picture above of the glowing building was taken from our apt window.  It was cheaper than a hotel room, centerally located to everything and made us feel like we lived there. 

9. Favorite thing
Spitting on the Heart of the Midlothian. According to Scottish custom it brings good luck to spit on the heart as you walk by and an old by-law states that it is illegal to spit anywhere apart from on the Heart of Midlothian. The best is you see little old men walking by and hauking a luggie, but it's definitely my favorite thing.

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