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Monday, May 17, 2010

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is the perfect mini trip back into time.  It is impossible to go there without remembering all the famous vintage faces that have passed through at one time or another.

There is only one place to stay while you're in town: Ace Hotel.  They have four hotels now all over the country and it is always an easy, inexpensive safe bet.  The Palm Springs one is decked out with the safari feel; the walls are draped in canvas, the floors are strewn with hides.

The only bar we checked out was the only English pub in town: The Hair of the Dog.  The bartenders are amazing.  Great food, great prices, strong pours and you'll be surrounded by locals.  If you want fancy do not go.

There is a rumor about another bar that is just outside of town up on the top of a mountain, but I'll have to write about that one after our next trip.

Dinner recommendations: Tyler's Burgers and The Cowboy Way.  Cheap, delicious and straight to the point.


  1. that ROOM is SO CHICCCC! i might just redecorate my room using THAT room as inspiration.

    great blog. seriously, such an inspiration. you really do seem to lead a charmed life:)

    sincerely, M

  2. The curtains and the quilt cover are eerily similar!