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Monday, April 5, 2010


Sayulita is the destination when you can't stand the crowds you find in Puerto Vallarta.  My husband and I had booked a little trip to Mexico for my birthday and had only planned to stay two nights in Sayulita, but once we got there it wasn't a hard decision to not go back to Puerto Vallarta.

It is a 45 minute, $5 dollar bus ride from Puerto Vallarta.  Most of the buses are so run down you're surprised that they run and you could swear the bus drivers are constantly drunk.  But we go there safe and pretty fast with a few coronas along the way.

We had booked our two nights in an Eco friendly lodge called "Playa Escondida".  It is about a 20 minute walk from town, but we had intended to use this part of our holiday as the romantic getaway bit and it was just what we had ordered.  It was so exclusive, the beach was amazing and the chef at the hotel's restaurant was amazing.  We didn't go anywhere else for three days straight.  By the second night the chef knew our names and was sending over some house specials for us to taste along with a few complimentary drinks.  I mean if that doesn't make you feel special...

But after our reservation was over the hotel was all booked up so we went looking for a new place to lay our heads.  Every hotel we found was already booked until one local told us to go check with the old German up the road.  They said he ran a trailer/rv park and sometimes they had an empty trailer we could rent out.  So we walked up the road and after a 30 minute conversation about England, Germany and football he happily informed us he had a trailer available right on the beach that was $45 bucks a night and we were welcome to it!  "Pacific Bungalow" was our wonderful surprise saviour!! 

As far as 'local pub to drink at' we made that one the beach.  Go to the local "Bodega Aurera" and grab yourself a 6 pack for soooo cheap and just walk down to the beach.  We didn't buy a drink anywhere else.

For our food recommendations we are only going to be naming one:  The Burrito Revolution

Marinated Chicken Breast
Pork tenderloin with black beans
Smoked Marlin
Fresh Mahi-Mahi fish
Grilled Shrimp
Vegetarian w/rice, beans, avocado

Every single one is beyond and they have three special sauces they wouldn't sell to us to take home, but we almost stole them they were so good.  We have since tried to re-create the chicken burrito at home, but it just never quite gets there -- bastards!

And when you've had the most amazing week and you're on your way back to the city, stop by Les Gazelles.  It is run by a couple French sisters you just wish you could become.  They actually live that life you always thought was for the clouds.  The have impeccable taste and have collected a posse of some of the most beautiful and artistic people you could hope to find.  


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