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Monday, January 30, 2012

About us...

So here's the thing, my husband and I are constantly traveling and we decided to create a travel blog that will make life a lot easier for everyone else. I wish there was one for me, but I can't find it!! We don't want to stay in hostels anymore, but can't afford to stay in boutique hotels every night. We love to feel like we live there and throw ourselves into the culture or experience as best we can.

So before we go on a trip I have to try and find at least some of my 10 musts:

1. Local pub to grab a drink at

2. Best breakfast spot

3. Local dinner recommendation

4. Romantic dinner

5. Hangover cure

6. Tourist nerd must do

7. Local treasure to bring home

8. Cheap sleeps

9. Splurge sleeps

10. Favorite thing

Some of these things you don't find out until you have finished the holiday, but this is what we'll be listing for you for each place we go, saving you hours and hours of research (unless that's what you love) and all you have to do is go and enjoy yourself.

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